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People filing lawsuits against surgical stapler manufacturers claim the devices malfunctioned during surgery. The most common surgical stapler malfunctions reported to the FDA include misfiring or difficulty in firing, failure of the stapler to fire the staple and the user applying staples to the wrong tissue. Surgical stapler lawsuits claim that malfunctioning devices caused severe injuries and prolonged surgery and may have required further surgical procedures. Some lawsuits claim faulty medical staplers resulted in patients’ deaths. Surgical stapler lawsuits claim that surgical staplers malfunctioned and caused infections, serious injuries such as internal bleeding and organ damage, or death when used in operations.

One such technology that entered the medical industry a few years ago was the surgical stapler. The surgical stapler can be used internally or externally to close wounds and surgical incisions after a bad injury or to close a patient up after a surgical operation. The traditional method in use before the surgical staplers was manually sewing the skin shut. The removable surgical staples are easy and convenient, providing a strong and safe wound closure that can be removed when the skin has healed itself.

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For this many malfunctions to be reported – and perhaps underreported – in just eight years is mind-boggling. These reports included tens of thousands from Medtronic and Covidien regarding their surgical staplers. Before the review, 53,720 problems with all models of staples and staplers had been shared publicly. After the review, over 56 thousand reports of surgical stapler problems were added to the tally. Perhaps one of the earliest cases to come to court was the case where Steven Ergler filed a lawsuit against Ethicon for selling a defective surgical stapler that was used during a laparoscopic colectomy surgery on him in May 2016.

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In many cases, additional surgeries are required to fix the problems caused by a stapler failure. Fistulas can be formed by such failures, and anastomoses can remain open. The manufacturers of surgical staplers have known about these problems for years, and there have been numerous recalls of these devices. This is just the latest of numerous surgical staples recalls in recent years. Since 2014, over 2 million units have been subject to a recall across all manufacturers.

Surgical Staples Complications and Recall Lawsuit Investigation

A little more than one month after the initial announcement, more than 92,000 Ethicon reloadable surgical staplers were recalled. The devices are known as endo-surgery endoscopic curved intraluminal staplers and endo-surgery endoscopic curved intraluminal staplers. While the company reported adverse events like serious injuries and death – as required by federal law – it buried many of the reports in non-public files known as Alternative Summary Reports. Increased media attention on the ASR program starting in 2016 forced the FDA to reveal some startling new information on the dangers of surgical staplers. In some cases the damages is not uncovered until a follow-up visit, trip to the Emergency clinic, or a later on surgery. In ethicon lawsuit staples of Ethicon medical staplers, shooting problems are triggering serious health and wellness as well as injury risks for individuals.

Ethicon recalled the gadget together with comparable designs the exact same year. If you had internal staples put in throughout surgical treatment which later required restorative surgical treatment to fix, you may be impacted by the recalled items and also might meet the Ethicon claim criteria. It falls within the Johnson & Johnson medical device manufacturing section. Ethicon has been making medical devices for closing wounds and incisions since as early as 1915.

In many cases, certain types of staples are designed to dissolve on their own. The recalled products were manufactured from March 6, 2018, to March 6, 2019. They were in distribution from March 15, 2018, to March 8, 2019. Cases handled by lawyers who principally practice in our Durham , Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, NC and Greenville, SC offices.

Then, reports started pouring in from people who had terrible experiences with surgical staplers, where patients started to get infected due to the use of these staples in their surgeries. In such cases, the victim deserves to be compensated for the harm ethicon lawsuit staples that they have endured due to the negligence of the manufacturing company. If you need any assistance in cases where surgical staplers were the cause of someone’s pain or death, contact the team of lawyers at Frankl Kominsky, for guidance and advice.

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